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Park walk walking horror story tree trees didmyself

Park walk walking horror story tree trees didmyself


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Tree photo I did myself


Dan hangin' out in a tree.

A flat tire with a length-wise gash in it about the size of a

January Reclamation

There's a massive Cold War secret hidden in Everglades National Park

Korean Architecture with cherry blossoms south korea-min

Seoul Tower Cherry Blossoms South Korea-min

San Antonio River Walk

... Five story pagoda (built 931)

Today as I was walking to class I looked up, and realized that some of the tree leaves have fallen and the rest were turning brown on the edges.

Photo of one of the world's tallest trees, the President in northern California

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After strolling for half an hour in a relaxing pine forest, here you get to the sea, inside a Natural Reserve, where there were discovered new species and ...

Not a joke.

One of the great aspects of being Ontario's representative on the board of governors of the Heritage Canada Foundation is the opportunity to visit ...

Peaches and garlic for sale.

Nice downtown Memphis park

Dated, October 20, 2017

Which way; this way. That way.

This is a photo I have used before (sorry, something wrong with the upload feature) which is a sunny Spring day in beautiful Jasper National Park

Yeah, it's 2017. This year I'll have been married 8 years (seriously?), I'll be 37 (hahah, Col will be 47), my kids will turn 5 and 3 and we may or may ...

Welcome at One Step Closer

185 best Just One Step Closer images on Pinterest | Closer, Photographs and Photos

Creepy, Castles, Chateaus, Forts

Old St Pancras Church. ‹ ›

I did myself proud in my efforts to get us completely and utterly lost. We ended up repeatedly finding the grave of the father of homeopathy when we were ...

Snow flakes by Daniel*1977, via Flickr

"Gears disability"

Molly ...

Cuban cuisine, beach walks and all-night dancing.

“Shelter ...


Bravely Walking into the Future

January 27. Day 27. Ants in my pants

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Big bridge I walked across. I can't think of a better caption than

As we walked, we foraged berries to keep our energy, and picked mushrooms to cook that evening. I felt truly disconnected from the rest of the world; ...

The palm house looked very cool in a faded, Victorian kind of way. We walked up to the balcony, which had a great view of the plants.

Old St Pancras Church. ‹ ›


5 Ways to Celebrate Yule Without Spending a Dime

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Click on picture for more views

NX200_Daniel Kulinski_20

The old city walls.

Parks and Animals.

We walked through the (frozen) botanic gardens to Rosenborg Castle, walking the (frozen) streets looking for the Design Museum and crossing a (almost ...


The owners are really welcoming and they told us some stories of the places all around. Just because of that it is worth to go there.


The Green Pride goes on an early-morning nature walk.

We ...

After a bit, as if drawn by some invisible telepathic force, people started moving en masse towards the start line, which was just a couple of minutes away ...

Crane skimming the trees by my apartment

When I ran groups, many of the participants had received a terminal prognosis and justifiably felt pretty damned sorry for themselves.

South Korea Cherry Blossoms-min

... an estate transformed in the 19th century into a sub-tropical garden at the head of Kilmakilloge Harbor. The tree ferns and tree-size ...

seven never before published portraits of edward weston

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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I normally fantasise about having nothing to do and nowhere to go. So you'd think I'd be happy when the wild weather we have at the moment has resulted in ...

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence paying homage to urinal that they rescued from the old Green Park beat before it was demolished. c 1984 (Photo curtesy of ...

Nardó, founded in the VII century from a Messapia tribe and it's becoming an important centre during the Ancient Roman Empire.

I swung round the tree, thus bringing myself face to face with the elephant.

Just after sunset, I rolled into a place called Tony Grove, a beautiful mountain lake ringed with gray cliffs and golden aspen trees. I parked, circled the ...

Booking the next trip is useful to feel closer to the next relaxing moment, but to really wellbeing you have to look for everyday beautiful instants.

In a jungle clearing - Vietnam 1971


Amiably bashful.


It's an especially busy holiday season for us this year with wedding planning at the same time as party & singing season, but we still managed to decorate ...

Nardó, founded in the VII century from a Messapia tribe and it's becoming an important centre during the Ancient Roman Empire.


As a child I was completely awesome at climbing up trees. Unfortunately for my father regularly called on to rescue me, I was completely crap at climbing ...

Steel tree at sculpture garden

Amazing Stories Vol. 1, No. 4 (July 1926), ed. by Hugo Gernsback. New York: Experimenter Publishing Co., pp. 100.

When we got bored of walking on the pebbles, we headed up the sandbanks and instantly found ourselves surrounded by bluebells! (I love this time of year.)


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The result of this was quite pleasant – walking next to the sun as it climbed the horizon to my left.


ABOUT THE COVER: The School of Medicine—the first school established by New York Medical College—owes its founding in 1860 to the vision of a group of civic ...