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WANT That is a good looking tree Aoyagi Japanese maple light

WANT That is a good looking tree Aoyagi Japanese maple light


WANT!! That is a good looking tree. Aoyagi Japanese maple, light green leaves, and the inverse of Sango Kaku where this tree holds bright green trunk and ...

Next for the collection, aoyagi Japanese maple, green leafed accompanied with a brilliant green

By autumn, even Japanese maples that have been seasonally pruned will be thick with foliage like the orange-leafed weeping specimen, which looks like a ...

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Beautiful Waterfall Japanese Maple Tree

Sherwood Flame Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ' Murasaki kiyohime ' Japanese Maple Tree

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

Upright Purple Ghost Japanese Maple Tree

Acer palmatum 'Lutescens' Upright tree to approx 7M. Light green in spring,

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Medium Shot :: Credit: Doreen Wynja ...

Acer palmatum Ryusen

Aoyagi gawa is a small Japanese maple with light green leaves with long, narrow lobes. Aoyagi gawa leaves turn bright yellow in the fall.

Orangeola Japanese Maple Sold out READ MORE

They add elegance to any garden when planted alone, but if you are looking for companions for Japanese maples, you'll have many choices.

'Aoyagi' Japanese Maple. '

Orange Dream Japanese Maple opening up

Green Cascade Japanese Maple Tree


'Autumn Moon' Japanese maple has some of the most gorgeous fall colors. See

This lacy, much-photographed Japanese maple sits on a hill at the Portland Japanese Garden. Viewed from below, the transition from coarse to fine is clearly ...

The Complete Japanese Maple Guide

Assorted japanese maples blooming

Mikawa yatsubusa dwarf Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ' Coral Pink ' Spring Pink Japanese Maple Tree😍 I want another for my yard , for the back corner to block the view of the shopping center.

Acer palmatum "Sango Kaku" Adds color to your garden all year long. This Japanese maple is a small tree that is prized for its bark that turns coral pink in ...

Japanese Maple Waterfall

Aoyagi Japanese Maple

Alpenweiss Japanese Maple, variegated leaf


Small Japanese maple trees require little fertilizer.



Four Japanese Maple Acer Trees ...

Red Dragon Japanese Maple

One of the best upright Japanese maple varieties is “Bloodgood”. Easy to find at nurseries, this variety grows to 20 feet with deep burgundy red, ...

Acer palmatum Higasayama Japanese Maple at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

Purple Ghost Japanese Maple

How to Grow Japanese Maples

Dwarf Japanese Maples for Containers

Mature Coral Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese Maples. Read

Acer palmatum 'Coralinum' Japanese Maple at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

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New read, sort of like a bible for maples

Japanese Maple Waterfall


acer palmatum beni hagaromo

Aconitifolium Aka shigatatsu sawa Aoyagi ...

In the fall, this amazing Japanese maple turns brilliant orange! This one can be grown in the garden, or in a large container. To twelve feet tall.


In autumn, Japanese maple trees turn red, orange, yellow and copper.

“Osakazuki” Japanese Maple is a green leaf variety that grows to 20 feet. It handles more full sun than most Japanese maples and is resistant to scorch.

Acer palmatum 'Inaba Shidare'

Uploaded 1 year ago

Acer palmatum Coral Pink

Okushimo Japanese Maple

Uploaded 11 months ago

Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

acer palmatum villa taranto

Acer palmatum Koto no Ito Japanese Maple at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

Bloodgood. Has attractive foliage with burgundy red ...

Autumn Fire

Best Japanese Maples for Southern or Warmer Climates. “

The buds emerge red unfolding a green leaf, changing to yellow with specks of orange for fall. A vigorous, upright growing tree with good sun tolerance.

This tree is a great complement to a Coral Bark Japanese Maple with its green winter bark. Photo by 'Houzz'.

Sherwood Flame

Japanese MapleJapanese ...

... beautiful Japanese Maple. There are none that look like this one. It is exceptionally rare and I have the only one for sale in the Maritimes.

A. japonicum Giant Moon

Notice the branch transition from coarse to fine. The delicate leaves of lace-leaf Japanese maples, such as this one, ...


Umegae composite b sized(2)

acer palmatum matsukaze

Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon' Japanese Maple at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

Acer palmatum 'Tsuma gaki' Japanese Maple at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

Orange Dream

Acer palmatum Ukon / Aoyagi

Orange Japanese Maple

Japanese maple 'Bloodgood'

Murasaki Kiyohime Dwarf Maple

Moonrise Fullmoon Maple (Acer shirasawanum 'Moonrise') at Ambleside Gardens & Nursery

Wind Problems For Japanese Maples