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The Tammar Wallaby was formerly widespread in southwestern

The Tammar Wallaby was formerly widespread in southwestern


The Tammar Wallaby was formerly widespread in south-western Western Australia and on the Eyre

Boost for Tammar Wallaby conservation

World Wildlife Day is a great opportunity to get out and do it! Almost every community has animal sanctuaries and zoos nearby so take a trip with you your ...


Tammar wallaby

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Do Wallabies Make Good Pets?

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An adult tammar wallaby on Kangaroo Island, Australia. (FLPA/Bernd Rohrschneider/FLPA/Corbis)

tammar wallaby looking directly at camera close up

Dave Watts/NPL. The milk that a mother tammar wallaby ...

PHOTO: Tammar wallabies spend 300 days in the pouch. (Supplied: Kylie Robert)

The Tammar Wallaby was formerly widespread in south-western Western Australia and on the Eyre, Yorke and Fleurieu Peninsulas of South Australia. De…

【Looking back at my trip to Kangaroo Island! No.3】 Hey mum

Macropus eugenii | by Macr1 Macropus eugenii | by Macr1

Tammar Wallaby - Macropus eugenii. Posted Image

Western Grey Kangaroos, Western Grey Kangaroos

The tammar is mostly nocturnal.

Tammar wallaby - Video Learning - WizScience.com

A couple of little Tammar Wallaby joeys #kangarooisland #tammarwallaby # wallaby #nativeanimals #

Swamp wallaby

Western Brush Wallabies ...

Tammar Wallaby, Adelaide Zoo

2 mth old cheetah cub–Sabisands–SAfrica Photo by stephen harvey — National Geographic

"Young at foot" joey

The tammar wallaby has a promiscuous mating system with females mating with multiple males. Breeding is strictly seasonal and mating is highly synchronized ...

Tammars at Budapest Zoo

Euro, Euro

Western Brush Wallabies, Western Brush Wallabies

A pair of Tammar wallabies in native bush land in Southern Australia. - Stock Image

Posted Image

The numbat is a small carnivorous marsupial from Australia, and the only member of the

This meeting was the highlight of my trip to Cape du Couedic. I was walking

Tammars feeding and resting in brush

50. 50 52) Western Grey Kangaroo Common ...

Tammar (or Dama) Wallaby M. eugenii, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. This engaging little animal is still common here, but scarce on the adjacent mainland

tammar wallaby, dama wallaby (Macropus eugenii), on a meadow in spring,

Photo: Tammar wallabies produce only one-fifth of the amount of methane compared to cows and sheep. (Bill Brown: ABC South East NSW)

The tammar Wallaby (Macropus eugenii). An adult female tammar wallaby of Abrolhos Island

Selfie.... hello beauty cutie.


Tammar wallaby @ Tutanning NR

Tammar Wallaby Macropus eugenii female with young in pouch Kangaroo Island Australia - Stock Image

Tasmanian pademelon

tammar wallaby, dama wallaby (Macropus eugenii), close-up view - Stock

... currency and national airline symbol, the publication of its genome sequence in Genome Biology stands as a landmark day in Australian science.

The Tammar Wallaby is one of the smaller members of the macropod family, reaching a height of 59 to 68 cm (23–27 in). These cute little guys are found only ...

Tammar wallaby on North Island in the Houtman Abrolhos

Western grey kangaroo - Wild western grey at sunset, Western Australia

Tammar Wallaby, Adelaide Zoo


The dibbler is an endangered mammal formerly widespread across south-western Australia and now threatened

W Grey Kangaroo 4cs

The swamp wallaby becomes reproductively fertile between 15–18 months of age, and can breed throughout the year. Gestation is from 33–38 days, ...

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Are Wallabies Native To Australia?

Tammar Wallaby

The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) is more closely related to the remaining wallaby species and the large red and grey kangaroos and wallaroos than ...

A Tammar Wallaby. Kangaroo Island has its own sub-species. They are exquisite

A new genetic study found that all living marsupials, including these Western Grey Kangaroos, share a common ancestor in South America.

How about those eyelashes, ladies?! A male Tammar Wallaby soaks up the warmth

Quokkas were once common in western Australia but now they are rare on the mainland due to predation by introduced dogs and foxes.

Black-gloved wallaby. Photo Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparencies.

A Swamp Wallaby on Grifftiths Island, Port Fairy, on the western end of Victoria's

Tammar Wallaby

Rufous rat-kangaroo

Western grey kangaroo on camera trap @ Dryandra

Figure 1 Representative marsupials of Western Australia. (a) White-tailed dunnart,

Western brush wallaby

The park is well signposted on the Strathalbyn Road and access is via Whitehead Road at the northern end of the town of Mylor.

The Jarrah Forest ecoregion, with Forest Ecosystem remnant vegetation type.

Swamp wallaby

Former and current distribution of the tammar wallaby (Notamacropus eugenii) in

Red-necked wallaby - Two male adults fighting

Closeup of wombat lying down

Mother and joey Kangaroo Island Kangaroos. The KI roo is a subspecies of the Western

Aldinga Roos

Red-necked wallaby joeys begin to emerge from their mothers' pouch at around 7 months and emerge permanently at around 9 months.

Genomes help piece together evolutionary history of native animals

One of the birds which we saw, and all thought extremely pretty was this one (picture by Clara). Unfortunately, no one wrote down the name, and we couldn't ...

A tammar wallaby - the first Australian mammal to be described. (C) Jack


Karakamia Sanctuary is located within the Jarrah forest of the Darling Scarp on the western extremity of the granitic 'Yilgarn Block', an ancient landform ...

... the albino Tammar Wallaby.

Red-necked wallabies travel by hopping, although they are also good swimmers by using front and hind limbs "dog-paddle" style.

Like all other macropods, red-necked wallabies have 5 digits on each forelimb.

Kangaroos make great mums ...

A mini Tammar Wallaby 🎵 We have a new

Tammar wallaby @ Tutanning NR

You will have to hike up into the hills to find the cute, little Black-footed Rock Wallaby. They are classified as “near-threatened”.

Eastern grey male kangaroo from southern Australia - Stock Image

The #TammarWallaby was formerly widespread in south-western