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Karada Rope Dress at TheDuchycom Rope and rope t

Karada Rope Dress at TheDuchycom Rope and rope t


Hishi Karada ('Rope Dress')

Karada Mini Skirt

Grab the rope about 1 inch away from the center as shown by my left hand here

Karada (Rope Dress) at TheDuchy.com

31. Now we begin threading the diamonds just as with the Hishi Karada

If you happen to have enough rope you could also put another Crossing Hitch at the next point where you cross a lines.

16. We are going to tie the third knot roughly at knee level. Put this second one equidistant between the two…

33. Through the next diamond down on the back

59. Here is the complete hobbleskirt from the back…

54. Bring to the hip strap just off center. Just as was the knot that you started with

You have a standing line and are going to cross it with a new rope. You want to attach the ropes to hold them both more stable. So…

Bikini Harness

Bondage Belt w Happy Strap

Chain Stitch Corset

Add a new piece of rope. You will only need a short one if you add it at this point, as I did.

Tie the rope to the center line. Here I show how to do it using half a “cored square knot”. To do so, pull one strand under the center line, ...

Cross Knot Karada by 18Sieben Cross Knot Karada by 18Sieben

3. Reach under the standing line and grab the crossing rope

37. Tie it on to the center line with a Cored Square Knot of just tie the ends directly together with a Square Knot

The rope is now headed up the back

Again, here I make sure that the new line is closer to the neck then the other one so it doesn't lie on top of it and add unwanted pressure points – ...

31. Here is what it looks like from the front. Now we need to add the second part—the part that lashes the lower arms to the waist.

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60. …and from the front.

4. Pull it through

Now in this case I have quite a bit or rope left over. In another tutorial, I will discuss “using up” extra rope.

Harley Quinn Corset, Part 2 – Corset

Heavy Elbow Harness

Add some tension and run the cords, back around toward the back

Applying a Handcuff Knot

1. This is a close-up of the Crossing Hitch

Pull the center lines to tighten the inner loops, then work the outer loops until you have dressed the knot to look like this

Begin by wrapping the rope around the arms. Place the strand above the elbow, but below the bicep as shown

Chain Stitch Single Column

Cat's Paw Single Column

Wrap the end of the rope around the wrists

12. Continue the tail around the upper arms…

8. The head of the Prusik!

5. Now touch your forefinger and thumb together…

7. Here is the Prusik before we tighten it

Do this over and over until you run out of rope. This is the completed back

7. To “slip” the knot, making it easier to undo (Read: less secure), tuck a bight through last loop instead of pulling the end all the way through.

2. Go across the upper chest to the opposite arm pit

8. Cross over the standing line again and keep going

5. …the bight is back to the tail. Reach through and grab the tail

Bula Bula

Grab a new rope and put a lark's head in the middle of it

Following not having done any rope for years and then tying the karada first go, I thought I'd try some more, so I looked up the pentagram. Success.

Slide your fingers under the arm but above the arm strap ropes (again)…

7. Pull one of the strands behind the

Bit Gag. A bit gag made of rope!

14. Bring the tail across the lower part of the deltoid

bondage technique - Google zoeken

3. Wrap it around the wrists 4-6 times. This distributes the pressure across the wrists and helps prevent loss of circulation.

3. …then again as shown.

Image result for karada rope bondage harness ties on men gay

5. Reverse tension

Begin with a ~30′ (~9m) rope. We will be starting from the end this time instead of the middle as we so often do.

6. Run up to the other shoulder

Place your fingers under the armpit from the front so that you can grab the rope with them and pull it through

31. (You may have noticed that this hip strap is at an angle. We will be fixing this issues as we continue to lace the up-and-down cords…)

I wrapped my gf in a karada (rope dress) for the first time today

Bring the rope back over the top of the center line. …and keep going

7. Run your fingers underneath the cuff of rope

Often the chest ropes will bunch up. Slide your fingers underneath to correct this

Run the rope over top of the shoulder and down across the front of the chest. Place two fingers under the chest strap on the same side as the shoulders the ...

Put your fingers through the circle of rope you formed in step 4…

To finish the bowline, slide two fingers in under the rope strands from the opposite side

33. Reach between the arm and chest, underneath the front strap, but above the back strap. Grab the tail…

karada, clitoris knot, hip bondage

Dress the lines to form:

Photo 02 from the Blood Consciousness series from Garth Knight. - amazing rope sculptures and artistic nude photography

55. Reach under the lower chest strap from the front. Grab the tail and pull through

11. Start to weave the end of strand 2 through strand 1 loop as shown: Under…

4. Grab the tail

Place your fingers behind the mass of ropes between the shoulder blades and grab the tail end with those two fingers. With your other hand to keep a little ...

Place your fingers behind all the ropes of the center line as shown. Grab the tail…

Triple Coin Knot Karada Shibari

Hon Kikkou

13. Go Over, Under, Over, Under…

On the back, place your fingers behind the arm straps on the opposite side from where the rope is coming and grab the tail with your two fingers

It looks like I don't have enough rope to finish this tie so I need to add some more


6. …and back to where you started

12. …then the bight end. You have completed the Somerville bowline

Pull the bight underneath all the strands and then up through the rope circle you created in step 6

Method 1: Drape the center of your rope over your forefinger and thumb.

Rope Bondage Tutorial: Single Column Tie

Blacklight Shibari with fluorescent ropes.

2. Lay the other strand (strand 2) on top of strand 1 loop

I have a tiny bit of rope left over, so I am going to wrap it around the centerline just to hide those loose ends and make the bondage more attractive ...

1. Create a loop. Note that the upper strand lays on top of the lower strand of the loop

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3. Make a loop.

5. Under, Over, Under in one swoop by opening the path with your finger…

Omron HBF-375 Karada Scan Body Fat Analyzer ...

10. …but when tension is on the center line, the knot locks down and will not slide.