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Image result for firewatch game Dystopia t


Firewatch the Game.

3840x2160 firewatch 4k free wallpaper downloads for pc

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From Overwatch to Firewatch: the best video games of 2016 - chosen by developers | Games | The Guardian

Campo Santo

The 10 Best Games of 2016

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If you're yet to hear of Firewatch, it probably won't be long before you're hearing about it everywhere. The new game comes with some stunning, ...

3840x2130 firewatch 4k best high resolution wallpaper

Firewatch - Skinny Dipping for @mypath_inlife Check out my amazing partners: @xbox_game_captures @

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Alongside the player character and Delilah, your imagination runs wild trying to explain what's happening as events unfold. Firewatch does an admirable job ...


Firewatch Featured Image

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The nameless protagonist of 'Furi' making his way to a boss fightSource: The


Best Indie Video Games 2016: 'Firewatch,' 'The Witness,' 'Inside' and other labors of love

Firewatch. See larger image

There aren't really any puzzles to solve. Combination locks spread around the environment are all keyed to 1234—a bureaucratic expedient of the Forest ...

Tom Clancy's The Division, to be released on March 8, turns New York City

Campo Santo, Good Universe Team for Firewatch Film and More

Firewatch is a first-person mystery adventure game developed by Campo Santo and published by Campo Santo and Panic. The game was released in February 2016 ...

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When the first Titanfall game ...


[News] From Overwatch to Firewatch: the best video games of 2016 – chosen by developers – Modchat Blog

Eight story-rich Steam games (Hurry! Sale ends January 4th)

The ...

The Best Game Soundtracks of 2016

Tending to a farm in 'Stardew Valley'Source: ConcernedApe

In the quiet, dreamy world of the recently announced game Neo Cab, gig workers are a dying breed. Technology has evolved past the need for flesh-and-blood ...

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James Laks, Firewatch, View ...

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Firewatch GOTY Indie 2

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Firewatch review: Getting lost in the remote wilderness and loving it

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Mini-reviews: Rise of the Tomb Raider and Firewatch

Firewatch Ambience – Press X to Start [1 Hour] (ASMR, Relaxation, White Noise)

Uncharted 4 isn't so much a game as a cinematic experience: I could have quite happily watched a friend play the entire game and enjoyed every moment.


The BuzzFeed staff is always testing out new games, consoles, and apps, and

Firewatch Lookout

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... Spaceport Janitor, View ...

firewatch 1

Best Game DirectionBest Narrative

Our resident gamers review the long-awaited new title from Fumito Ueda and look back at the best games of the year

Steam Summer Sale: Best deals on hidden indie gems - Undertale, Firewatch and more

... its instant classic predecessor--especially its very clever reframing of the XCOM organization as a ragtag bunch of resistance fighters in a dystopian ...

Henry's tower from 'Firewatch'Source: ...

Developer(s) · Guerrilla Games

The 'Brigador' Steam Saga Proves That Complaining About the Cost of Video Games Is Dumb | Inverse

Valve Acquires Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

10 Games Releasing in 2016 We Are Most Excited About

Battling the forces of darkness in 'Darkest Dungeon'Source: Red ...


10. Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War

Ever feel like you're living in a dystopian society where the government has gone off the rails and your every move is being watched?

Best Video Games of 2016: New PS4, Xbox, PC Releases to Play Right Now - Thrillist


The Witness


Indie games have defined this generation of gaming.


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From Overwatch to Firewatch: the best video games of 2016 - chosen by developers | Games | The Guardian

Stardew Valley, available on Steam, GOG, PS4, and Xbox One

What does the industry itself think were the best games to come out in the last

Firewatch is great. The writing, VO, ambience, and visuals are top notch. It's awesome to play a game with a more mature theme and tone.

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The Top 10 Single Player Games of 2016 So Far

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... indie developers teaming ...

... but it should tell you how enjoyable this game actually is that all of them together weren't enough to make me stop playing it obsessively.