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Great site showing the setup of a paludarium There area few

Great site showing the setup of a paludarium There area few


Great site showing the set-up of a paludarium. There area few animals for which I really want a paludarium. (All of them invertebrates, oddly enough).

Interesting natural behaviors of some fish species, such as these archerfish (Toxotes jaculatrix), are best elicited-and best observed-in paludaria.

Here are few snapshots of my paludarium, I was supposed to be studying and got distracted by the tank I'm most proud of.

Kenneth shows us how to setup a paludarium which incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic components in its display.

thoughts on paludarium/river tank - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

Acuario3web (@acuario3web) | Twitter

90g Cliffside Paludarium Build - hardscape info and sump system.

A paludarium split with land at the back, water in front

With an inspired arrangement of décor and water features, even a small paludarium can produce a grand impression. Photo by Bill Brissette.

Riparium vs paludarium

Vivarium50 gallon paludarium ...

Tim's 72 gallon paludarium

-don't make caves or areas where the frogs may swim in and get stuck

This was my previous test setup (10G paludarium) based on 5mm super bright Led (mostly wide angle Cool white with some red and blue moon lighting):

300g paludarium

Paludarium update 4

There's another one that provides a TON of water space. The way the land area is set up, it's not even land, it's just a mossy area out of the water.

I would love to put this together for a frog or I wonder if this would work for some type of small turtle!

Paludarium (4th year with this setup)

Here are a couple examples of some paludariums that have served as inspiration for me to want to start my own paludarium:

We have a few updates for this paludarium setup planted to emulate a native acid bog, a special kind of wetland habitat dominated by Sphagnum mosses and ...


The completed setup, in a 1-ft acrylic tank. I wanted a terrarium with aquatic elements, hence I tried my hand at one of these.

Setting up a Paludarium

Many of those in the "nature aquarium" movement will find crossover into paludarium keeping to be a fitting and fulfilling juxtaposition.

I skipped a photo here since I wasn't planning on making a tutorial, but such is life. After the charcoal layer, I added aquarium soil.

My 38 gallon paludarium ...

Introduction: Paludarium

The paludarium today.

Custom Crested Gecko Setup - Exo Terra - Paludarium / Vivarium / Terrarium - YouTube

My setup is this: Carnivorous plants paludarium:

Paludarium. This taller tank is less established than some; there are clear drier zones (at the top of the tank) and more moist areas (the floor).

30 Gallon Paludarium: How to and Journal - Paludariums - Aquatic Plant Central

The above images are from the day I set up the system. I have since added java moss to the water line where the plastic is, and I have trimmed the fern ...

Inviato dal mio KINGZONE N3 PLUS utilizzando Tapatalk

68 gallon frogs would love to frolick

Stay tuned for updates!


Took some wild plants from a nearby drain.

Carnivorous plants can make interesting paludarium subjects. Photo by Diana Izdebski.

Alternative Aquariums: Paludarium

Paludariums are ideal for keeping aquatic and semi-aquatic plants and amphibians.

Paludarium plants in a beautifully planted rainforest installation

Painting the 180 Gallon Paludarium Aquarium.

Successful long-term operation of paludaria like this Shedd Aquarium exhibit require as much patience and planning as they do skill and creativity.

Information on Paludarium flora, fauna, equipment, maintenance, and more >> Paludariums.net

Aquascape Setup Series/Paludarium new plants - Animalia Kingdom Show

Bedroom Paludarium setup

Click image for larger version Name: IMG_0190a.jpg Views: 33824 Size: 323.0

Ripariums are a new kind of aquarium display that combine well-established aquarium gardening methods with new kinds of plants and planting techniques to ...

Click image for larger version Name: 10_paludarium-48_116.jpg Views: 7057 Size ...

Here's the tank and setup i will be using :)Its 48X24X30 ...

When it comes to making a home for your pet or plants, whether it is setting up your own terrarium, aquarium, or paludarium, a big barrier to access is the ...

A beautiful example of a paludarium. Paludariums do not have to be planted, but

Scroll down to see a couple of older shots from the project set up, along with these new updates.

set up as of 7/10/01

... at least the same surface area as a completely terrestrial 15 gallon tank. My question is does anyone see any problem with this idea for housing darts.

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Whole Crab Set-up

Re: New Paludarium set up.

An old set up decorating a bedroom resembling a jungle creek, just few centimetres away from the bed. A living image for a “good morning” or “sweet dreams”.

Photographer: Joshua Wiegert

Paludarium Build Journal

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I forgot to get a pic before I pulled the aquatics but I did get a few shots of them in the temp. setup.

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heres the results.

I have an open-top paludarium here. Are there any land fauna suitable for this setup?

Many plants grow well in shallow water

The 'land' portion of a paludarium can be as simple as a large semi-emersed bog wood, or a pile of smaller pieces. This allows the growth of wonderful ...


Build a Rainforest Terrarium

21 plants to avoid in the aquarium

Image 1

Clearly they liked the setup!

Scroll down to see a couple of older shots from the project set up, along with these new updates.

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Photos from Riparium Supply.com


Vivariums, Terrariums and Paludariums my dude.

plucked a wild fern from a uncultivated garden at the foot of my block and transplanted into the tank.... also some moss from the same area.... these are ...