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DCW Summer Trees Etruscan Medium Vase 2008 Signed in gold by

DCW Summer Trees Etruscan Medium Vase 2008 Signed in gold by


Art Nouveau Hautin and Boulanger Tree Vase, circa 1900

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Terracotta stand Period: Archaic Date: ca. 520 B. Culture: Greek or Etruscan Attic Medium: Terracotta

A dark teal 1850 summer tree flask.

Cratere d'Alcesti, Louvre da cortona

The “Aristonothos vase” (about 700-650 BC) manufactured in Magna Graecia by Aristonothos and discovered in Caere of Etruria (Etruscan Caisra).

Joseph Abhar - Kamares ware spouted jar - Minoans on Crete - Middle Bronze Age - 1600 BC) - Minoan culture on Crete - first palace period (before ...

A. Ruckl & Sons, Czech Bohemian Art Glass

Terracotta Loutrophoros (ceremonial vase for water), Etruscan black-figured, late century B., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Ancient Wine Clay Vases In A Wine Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Richard Nowitz

Odilon Redon, Etruscan Vase with Flowers, 1900-10

Lot 75

Ancient Etruscan Jewelry.

Glass Vase, Bottles, Art Deco, Box, Tumblers, Flower, Porcelain, Red

... Castellani specialized in works that looked to ancient materials or motifs. This diadem is a precise copy of ancient Etruscan gold victory wreathes.

... Vili, Republic of the Congo or Democratic Republic

bucchero nero - korsó, etruszk

ETRUSCAN ART Oinochoe in the form of the head of youth Late to early century BC Ancient Gabii, central Italy - Orvieto(?

Rapunzel's tower in Germany pavilion will go one day with Kelaya

Ancient Greek

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Etruscan gold fibula C.500BC


Gold fibula (safety pin) with recumbent lion. Period: Archaic-Classical.

Etruscan vase, Etruscan inscription on Greek kylix, century B. Etruscan vase, inscription on Greek kylix testimony of the dense commerce between Greece and ...

500 - 460 BCE), signed; Python Potter

Revivalist ring inspired by archeological finds, gold and ruby, signed Castellani, Rome circa

An Arts and Crafts gold, pearl and enamel hair pin, by Mrs. Philip

Tile, Grueby Faience Company, about 1906–, MFA Boston

Palm trees for Jake and the Nederland pirate party

Period: Archaic; Date: 7th century B.C; Culture: Etruscan


Susan Jane Walp, Glass Vase with Etruscan Kantharos and Drapery, 2014, oil on gessoed paper, 9 1/2 x 11 3/8 inches.


1000 year old olive tree in the hamlet of Kidonitsa, close to Xirokambi

Oscar Droege (German) Nasturtiums, circa Colour lino-cut, titled and signed in margins below, x - Josef Lebovic Gallery

Get to Know the Magic of the Celtic Tree Calendar

mold of bowl. Apollo Kitharoidos, a genius playing flutes, two maenads and a satyr, dancing. Tripod and candelebra.

Exhibitions — The Dwarves, The Forests — List of works — White Snow Dwarf Log, Male

traditional landscape by Suzman Design Associates seating with tree on a slope

Olive branch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tunguska trees look exactly like the trees after the Mount St. Helens eruption.

Jan van Huysum, Vase of Flowers. Oil on panel, 1722. The Getty

All day shopping trips for this girl!

Embossed foiled dollar tree vase

Растительный код. Живопись средневековья

The Tebenna was the most original of the Etruscan mantles, a rounded mantle worn by both men and women. This garment seems to have been woven with curved ...

Etruscan gold winged female figure, 6th century BCE, ~Louvre

On that very hot day in mid-May, as I enjoyed the dappled light in this grove of olive trees, Hadrian's Villa, although in ruins, ...

December 7, 2008

Panathenaic prize amphora, signed by the potter Kittos. Greek, made in Athens about BC Found at Teucheira, Cyrenaica (modern Libya) A prize for a victor at ...

Image of the 'The swan vase', earthenware, painted by John Holloway,

I'd like to try this but on a Dry Tree Branch . like an indoor Tree & use fishing line to hang the acorns. Fall: hanging acorns -- take a branch and ...

huysum - Vase Of Flowers 1722 The J. Paul Getty Museum (detail3).

450, Lot 450: Sevres style Lamp, signed Collot

Gold oak wreath found in the Agora of Aigai in 2008 [Credit: Agelioforos]

Gallery - Artwork by Rich Houck: December 2008

Earring with Nike driving a two-horse chariot

The Breakers | 44 Ochre Point Ave, Newport, RI. A garden column at


Sumerian Art: The Warka Vase

Keith Renner

Askos in the Form of an Elephant Etruscan, 4th-3rd century BC The British

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It has been widely used to embrace a myriad of “Art” that utilizes cloth as its medium.

33_Pagoda and ume blossom_30x30cm, Sumi ink and light colors on Korean Paper, 2011


Etruscan amphora of the Pontic group, ca. 540–530 BC. From Vulci. Lourve E703.

Signed and numbered fine art print of 'Cysgod y dail' - from an original artwork by Valériane Leblond

Gold vessel believed to be from the Achaemenid empire, ca. 4th century B.C.

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Seagrove ...

Bronze age Etruscan bee gold disk from Etruscan colony Mycenea B.

Street sign in Roheline Aas, Tallinn, photo by Simon Hamilton

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An 18th century Etruscan-style canape stands in front of a hand-painted waterfall

[Image created using Fontazia Christmas Tree (2011, Denise Koehler).]

thee-gold-bug: “Edvard Munch / Summer Night's Dream (The Voice) / 1893 ”


a vermont quilt and wabi-sabi

Volute–krater (vase for mixing wine and water), early century B. Attributed to Sophilos Greek, Attic Terracotta; cm) Attributed to Sophilos: Volute-krater ...

I'm on my ...

Stoke-on-Trent potteries: All fired up in Staffordshire

At the foot of Vicolo Serpenti is Via Latini where we stopped in front of Casa Latini to take a picture. Casa Latini is a beautifully restored 13th centura ...

For my cabin

Terracotta oinochoe (jug), Late Classical or Hellenistic, 4th–3rd century B.C.

Art Nouveau Painting by Louis John Rhead (November 1857 – July was an English-born American artist, illustrator, author and angler who was born in Etruria, ...

Pattern ...

Terracotta alabastron (perfume vase) Attributed to the Persephone Painter Period: Classical Date: ca. 440 B. Culture: Greek, Attic Medium: Terracotta ...

Etruscan horse

Egyptian Collar by ~HeatherD on deviantART

Lekythos of pottery decorated in black figure style on a white ground with a scene representing

Faliscan Black-Glazed Askos, Century BCThe Falisci were and an Italic people who lived in what was then Etruria (map), on the Etruscan side of the Tiber ...

Nekyia_Staatliche_Antikensammlungen. Ajax was humiliated when he lost out to Odysseus in the bid for the

Large Brass "Raindrops" Wall Sculpture by Curtis Jere for Artisan House

Gold Necklace Eastern Mediterranean, Probably Etruscan, Hellenistic period (325-50 B.C.)