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CWB 16 Animal MixUp Elephant amp Shark Bigfoot39s Illustration

CWB 16 Animal MixUp Elephant amp Shark Bigfoot39s Illustration


Original, unmodified African elephant photo #1 (above), and the 'Motty-fied' version (below) (public domain; public domain image photo-manipulated by Paul ...

Card 5 of 6Artwork · Imperial Elephants

Card 6 of 8Artwork · Living Creature

(CNN) -- Mastodons -- elephant-like beasts that lumbered across North America more than years ago -- are long extinct, but apparently.

Elephants console each other in times of distress


Animal Crossbreed - Worth1000 Contests

African #Elephant - 12 feet tall / 6 tonnes #Indricotherium - 20 feet tall

Card 1 of 9Artwork · Elephant

Animal Wildlife - All About Endangered Animals, Animal Facts, Wildlife Animals, Funny Animal Pictures and Videos.

Card 5 of 9Artwork · Cornac

... lumbering body of a rampaging elephant. One version is depicted at Udaipur in India. Another, according to legend, frequented the forests of Thailand.

Some Mammoth riders for this Sunday's drawing. #woolymammoth #mammoth…

Hippo ( kills more tourists on safari's that go wrong, than ANY other animal !! ) = They are quicker on land than People think ( animal tanks !! ) …

Friday, 29 March 2013

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16 best Diana's Animals - Land images on Pinterest | Diana, Low poly and Photoshop

Shark and Killer Whale Hybrid Has Science Gone Too Far? Or Not Far Enough?

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The SASQUATCH PEOPLE and Their Interdimensional Connection 280 pages; ©2011 please call 425-844-8409 or email Sasquatchpeople@hotmail.com

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An Angry Rhino Bites An Elephant and Gets Outta Dodge

Card 3 of 5Artwork · Shark

The Animal Boogie


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... dfoges422@gmail.com ...

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Largest members of marine animal families

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Dan Piraro zoo elephant cartoon

7-Imp: Any new titles/projects you might be working on now that you can tell me about?

Horn Shark

Card 4 of 5Artwork · Larva

Ryan Spring of San Antonio says he caught the shark Sunday about 5 miles off Port Aransas (uh-RAN'-suhs). He says the 12-foot, 7-inch shark was about as big ...

Card 7 of 7Artwork · The DOG & The MAGPIE

Two giants, 2002 (Apatosaurus ajax) Marco A. Pineda acrylic x cm Particular collection I made this artwork during a time when paleontologists . Two giants


lochness monster The secret is out. elephant with lochness on trunk swimming underwater


Bigfoot Creature Caught on Camera In Virginia? I am calling this one for real!

"Anthony Lawrence, “the elephant whisperer” passed away March After 12 hours of travel, two herds of wild South African elephants in a “funerary procession” ...

Before ...

The Art of LD Austin: Prehistoric Elephant - Platybelodon

Frilled Shark, this deep sea predator, one of the most primitive sharks alive today

Bigfoot on a game warden's trail cam

An engraving of the nandinia from Rev. J.G. Wood's three-volume animal encyclopaedia The Illustrated Natural History (1859-63)

Card 4 of 6Artwork · Bridge

Ceratopsidae: Chasmosaurinae (version I) by Kana-hebi on DeviantArt

I've always enjoyed these 'family reunion' portraits that some issues had, like how the elephant issue had a group shot of all the bizarre elephant ...

She's over 16 feet long, and has her own group of hungry fans. For a chance to tag sharks like Mary Lee, enter at

100 Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men - Think Big

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Grand Ole Bestiary, Retro Style Prints of Anthropomorphic Animal Heads on Human…

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Comparison by Dale Drinnon of four basic cryptid primate types, including my Freshwater Monkey! Image from frontiersofzoology.com.

Pictures & Photos from Um Hóspede do Barulho (1987) - IMDb

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Squid Speaks

Giant Huge Big 43" Elephant Stuffed Plush Animal Toy http://www.

Shark week?! Nope just some new year cheer with Joe of Toxicteddies.com

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The New Zoology - A Global Study of Mystery Animals: April 2012 Robert Bateman - Yeti

The tracks are once again typical Eastern Bigfoot tracks and are Neanderthal-like but larger, Similar tracks are found in Tennessee and the other adjoining ...

Card 3 of 5Artwork · The Eye

Card 2 of 5Artwork · A Stylish Find


Doc Shiels's sketch of his hypothetical elephant squid (Tony 'Doc' Shiels)

My scraperboard illustration of Owston's banded civet (Dr Karl Shuker)

124 best Unusual Yard Decorations images on Pinterest | Lawn decorations, Garden decorations and Garden stakes

Paleo-Art: CW Collection: Prehistoric Animals on Behance

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Card 2 of 5Artwork · Crow



A common coati with its long tail held up semi-vertically ((c) Joseph C. Boone/Wikipedia)

Emek Widespread Panic Red Rocks Morrison Poster Release Details

At the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand elephants roam the property.

Bigfoot "Figure 4" Artwork by witness Sue Lindley emphasizing the very large eyes of the female Bigfoot she saw.

The Cutest Amigurumi — Easy Patterns and Tutorials

http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/why-no-bigfoot -bones-and-bodies/

Vintage picture postcard depicting a hunter and shot Alaskan grizzly bear (purchased on ebay and now owned by Dr Karl Shuker – all rights reserved)

Kentucky Bigfoot (American Almas, archaic Homo sapiens)

Gurney is equally at home with scientific illustration and fantasy. It's the mix of authenticity and imagination that make the Dinotopia books such a ...